The First Two Week Wait

Well there it was, I believed I had ovulated ,we had taken care of business and I found myself sitting and waiting to find out the big news.  Even though I’m a nurse and totally know how the whole getting pregnant  stuff works, I found myself on online forums, hungry for knowledge about ways to know I was pregnant.   Sweet lord I discovered the inanity that goes with women who want to get pregnant.  People even post up symptoms they had starting at one day post ovulation, which I’m sorry, is not possible.  No matter how ridiculous it was, I was glued to the computer, reading and identifying my “symptoms” with all the other ladies out there.

Then, came that six days before my missed period day, and I couldn’t resist, I had to test( I mean obviously I would explode if I had to wait until I missed by period).  So off I went to the store, so full of hope and buzzing with excitement.  It was so great going to purchase a test hoping for it be positive.  I got home and took the test.  I saw no second line.  So I did what any reasonable person would do, I held the test in every type of light possible.  I mean, the second line had to be there, it was just hiding right?!  Hmmm no line, clearly the test wanted me to break it open for a better look.  Eventually, I gave up and accepted that the result was,  in fact, negative.  It wasn’t quite how I imagined that test going, but I told myself “it’s early, there’s time.”  I’m about the most impatient person known to man and therefore I continued to test, everyday….each one negative.  Then, came the day I expected my period and didn’t get it. I was so overjoyed it didn’t come.  I was still in the game.  We were going to be that magical couple that got pregnant the first try.  The baby would be due in July, a summer baby, I’d be fat and swollen in the dead of summer, but it would be ok because it was for a good cause.

Five days later, I got my period.


One thought on “The First Two Week Wait

  1. I know what you mean. I just bought my first pregnancy test a few weeks ago–and was struck with this “oh my goodness actually possible” moment. And now of course trying to understand what this stage of life will mean or look like–what does it mean to be in a stage of undetermined duration where having a child is a possibility? We’ll see.

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