Adventures in Unprotected Sex

Oh yes, you read that title accurately.  It’s such a weird experience to have sex knowing you could actually get pregnant.  Look, yes we women all know it’s always a possibility (eyeroll).  However, this was a genuine possibility, not a because my birth control failed possibility.  I didn’t want to get too crazy.  I wasn’t down to take my temperature every morning or to use an ovulater predictor kit.  I felt like I knew enough people that it just happened for that I didn’t need to get that technical.  Plus, I want baby making to be fun, not scientific.  Now, I did keep track of the days of my cycle in terms of knowing about when I would ovulate and made sure we did it every other day; which was a bit tricky because I was working nights at the time (I’m nurse….and yes my husband enjoyed cracking jokes that “my wife works nights”).  Ok so maybe that first month we weren’t perfect on the every other day but I was certain we had our business meeting during our deadline….see what I did there? 

My husband was bit anxious about this reality that this month could find me pregnant.  See I married a big worrier and stressor so the idea of being a dad, while happy, created a lot of stress for him.   He even kind of wanted to avoid doing it when it was what I calculated as “go time.”  My husband wasn’t taking back his decision but the reality was sinking in.  Truthfully, it was sinking in for me that month too, but I was super ready for it all.  So when he tried to stall, I held him accountable to his promise that we were doing this and did my best to throw out “it will all be fine….if teenagers across America survive parenthood, so can we.”