Meet Monica

About two to three weeks into my baby making adventure my phone rang and it was one of my absolute best friends.  We’re going to call her “Monica.”  (I love Friends, and this is the friend she resembles most).  Monica had big news, she went off birth control about a week ago and was trying to start a family.  Originally, Monica’s husband wanted to put this off for another year, but she really wanted to start their family and after much begging and long discussions he agreed they could take the plunge.  I was genuinely excited to have such a close friend join me on this adventure.

Monica and I have been friends longer than we haven’t.  We bonded way back in seventh grade over a mutual love of cats at a Christmas party.  Since then we had years of memories and incriminating fashion choices.  Having a baby at the same time as my friend was like a dream come true.  We had always joked about how great that would someday be.  Having a baby is such a big experience that I figured it was going to be great to have someone to call who would always be down to talk about pregnancy and babies.  Already it was fun to have Monica join the crazy party where you analyze every last “symptom” to decide if it could mean that you’re pregnant.

Call me naive but I was never prepared for how our stories unfolded.