Let’s Start at the very Beginning

A very good place to start…Sound of Music reference anyone?

Today hits a weird mark in my life.  Here I am, a day away from being 28 and it feels a bit strange.  27 was supposed to be my year of motherhood, but it turned out so very differently.  We’ve officially spent more than a year trying to bring a mini version of us into the world.  That stings and sucks.  And like a teenager I can’t help but cry “it feels like no one really understands.”  *insert me crying and dramatically slamming a door here* I don’t know what is about today but I feel motivated to start writing about my experience.  Not because the internet isn’t flooded with tales like mine, but because there are so many emotions and ups and downs that go with encountering having that path to parenthood not being exactly what you think it will be.  Even as I write this now, I’m still filled with hope, like maybe writing this will just be ironic and funny because somehow this will magically be our month.  Futile or not I’m here writing my story because even if this is magically our month, I still want to tell my story because it happens often and nothing is worse than feeling alone in something; if my story helps one person feel less alone about this, then I feel like I’ve served my purpose. Happy reading.